About Us

Welcome to Layered Cosmetics by Anita Petrosyan
Anita Petrosyan a young makeup artist in Los Angeles, California grew her love for makeup and all things beauty from the age of 7. She grew up in a household watching both her mom and sister apply makeup, style their hair, and get dressed. At the age of 7 she applied for an art center to pursue her artistic skills. Anita later started to wear makeup the first year of high school. Many people would compliment her skills and she knew she had to do something about it, so around two years ago she opened up an Instagram @allaboutanita_ and started to post, day by day she has been getting noticed by many popular companies. Anita's family being super supportive as they always are have been telling her to start her own makeup brand already since she would talk about having one all day. Anita is now a young adult with her brand and career all set ready to provide you with top quality products.